17 May 2007

And the conversion continues

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NY Stock Exchange Moves To Linux” was the news on Slashdot this morning. Apparently in a cost saving move the NYSE is going to start transitioning from their mainframe machines to a more scalable and less expensive solution in Linux. Word on the “street” is that that transactions are going to cost half as much on Unix and Linux as they did on the mainframe.

In light of Microsoft’s announcement on Sunday to Fortune that Linux “violates 235 of its patents” (I wonder if that number includes their claim to sudo) it’s good to see that companies are still taking the bold steps away from the M$ death star and getting stuff that is fiscally viable and works.

I don’t think that Microsoft’s saber rattling is meant to do anything but get them some press and coerce companies like AIG and IBM to cough up some more dough for NOT using their products. However, one has to wonder, when that doesn’t bring in enough cash, will they resort to suing users of Linux like the RIAA?

I had an idea for a short story once where Linux had been declared illegal by the government in order to protect the patents of big software OSes. I filed it away because it was just too far fetched. Maybe I need to pull that one out of the file and have another look at it.

13 May 2007

Who thought there was such a thing as this ‽

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This little guy right here is an Interrobang, a little known piece of punctuation which combines the exclamation point and the question mark, so you don’t have to type ?!

I love it!

12 April 2006

Right or wrong

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“I hate that.”


“That way you correct me when I’m talking.”

“I’m not correcting you, I just don’t want you to be wrong. I don’t want you to sound foolish in front of someone else while you’re talking to them by saying the wrong thing.”

“I think that you’re more interested in being right than you are for my being wrong and having a faux pas.”

“No, you’re wrong.”

“See? Just like that.”

“Like what?”

“You just corrected me again while I was talking.”

“No I didn’t. I was just saying that you were wrong in saying that I was correcting you. That’s not correcting you.”

“Every time I open my mouth you either contractdict me or insult me.”

“No I don’t, you stupid jerk.”

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