13 September 2007

Your daily art…

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This is a great site I’ve discovered recently. Each day there’s a new piece of art and a short description. Nothing fancy, just a little slice of beauty to start your day.

Today’s entry, pictured here, is the White-eye Manuscript from the Mogul Period, via Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge.

The Mogul empire (also Mughal) a line of Indian Muslim emperors who ruled from 1526 to 1828. The most famous work to come out of this period is the Taj Mahal.

24 July 2007

Become a Self Taught Master

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This is a list of free resources you can use to improve yourself, today.

Don’t have time to read? There’s books by RSS.

Want to learn a language? There are podcasts from the Foreign Service Institute and the BBC on language.

Always wanted to read a Tale of Two Cities, but unable to get to Borders? No problem.

Life is a journey. Learning new things are the stepping stones to new destinations.

What have you learned today?

19 January 2007


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I’ve just spent the better part of 30 minutes looking at NormalRoom.com. It’s a site where people upload pictures of their homes from all over the world. With the exception of the 30 pictures of someone’s boring house in Boise, I’ve been enthralled. I want to live in a log house in Norway, or in a tiny studio in Japan, or perhaps a flat in Rome, or maybe an old house in the highlands of Scotland. I want to travel, to see new things, to experience it all, to be one with the world…

I want to walk down five hundred year old cobblestone streets with a loaf of bread under one arm and a bottle of wine in the other to my small, but quaint flat in Paris that looks over the rooftops of a thousand other apartments just like it…

I want to hear a million alien insects and birds chirping after a rainstorm on the porch of my ranch house in Queensland while sipping a beer after a long day…

I want to smell the jasmine bloom in the park down the street when I open the windows to my courtyard in San Jose and hear the cathedral bells tolling for a wedding or a funeral…

However, now I must finish cleaning out the coffee maker and go to the Safeway.

Which, perhaps to someone in Japan, Rome or maybe even Boise, would seem exciting. To me though, it’s Dullsville.


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