14 February 2009

Sure, you bought that, but you don’t own it.

Apple Wants To Make Jailbreaking Worthy Of Jail Time, $2500 Fine

News broke yesterday that Apple filed an objection with the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s filing with the Copyright office that the government should allow iPhone owners to change the phone’s software, or “jailbreak” the phone. This stems from the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (and don’t even get me started on that) which bans people from breaking technical protections for copyrighted materials (DVD encryption, for instance).

According to the above NY Times article:

“Apple argues that its copyright is infringed, in part because its reputation and potential to profit from iPhone sales in the future is hurt because jailbroken phones may be more subject to bugs and security flaws.”

Wait, what? Who really owns the phone? You bought it, they got their money, what business is it of theirs what you do with it? They can’t tell me that I can’t install Linux and Windows on my MacBook (which I have), why can they say that you can’t change the iPhone to have applications that they don’t deem “appropriate”?

Let’s look at this from another point:

Can Dodge tell me that I can’t put a different stereo in my car? No.

Can Cuisinart tell me what kind of coffee I can put in my coffee maker? No.

Can Moleskine tell me that the words I write in their notebooks have to be pure and to their specifications so as not to damage their “chain of trust”? Of course not.

I am so tired of companies (even ones whose products I use and enjoy, Apple), trying to squeeze every last effin’ dollar out of you any way that they can. People paid for the damn phone, they own it. If it breaks in four years after the warranty is expired, don’t expect Apple to buy them a new phone, because it’s not their problem. But if you install a piece of software on the damned thing that they don’t approve of they can send you to JAIL?

This country needs a slap to the head and an enema, stat.

13 February 2009

Not everyone is a jerk…

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I tweeted today “People aren’t out to get you. They are instead just trying to further their own ends and are too unaware to see the adverse effects.” There’s a story behind this, as there is behind all things.

I’ve often found myself wondering “did that person get up this morning and decide to be a jackass today?”. Of course, most people don’t. I’m sure that there are some that do, but for the most part I think that most people don’t go out of their way to be mean or cruel to others. Most people are generally good, and want only what the rest of us want, happiness.

We all want to be happy.

Throughout my studies of Buddhism, one thing that always is at the forefront is awareness. It is said that when the Buddha was asked if he was a god, he answered “No, I am awake”. This is something I’ve struggled with personally my entire life. I’m a daydreamer. I’ve said on more than one occasion “I wish I could have a job where I could just sit and stare at the ceiling all day.”

I work on this though daily meditation and attempting to be more aware of my surroundings and interactions. I am still just a novice, but, have high hopes for my future. I still do dumb things, fail to notice completely obvious items in my day to day life and inadvertently hurt people through my actions.

This is my point. If someone like myself, who is a conscious observer, can make these mistakes, how can someone who is completely unawake do any better?

So, the next time that someone does something that really irritates you, or even harms you, remember, they probably didn’t do it on purpose. You were more than likely just collateral damage in their attempt to find happiness, not a specific target.

13 January 2009

The DTV Switch

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So, maybe I’m just not getting this.

First of all, I think that anyone who is not aware of the upcoming DTV switch has far to great of an attention deficit disorder and probably should stop watching TV all together. They have been advertising this for months, MONTHS PEOPLE! Every single freekin’ day, every single freekin’ night. If TV is that important to you and you’ve not seen at least one of these commercials, seriously, learn to read.

Second, how is there not enough money for this? The government is printing billions of dollars to “bail out banks”, why not just fire off a few extra sheets for DTV boxes?

As a service to my country and my fellow citizens, I have solved this issue.

Turn off analog broadcasts for 24 hours and instead post a telephone number. People who call that number get a free box. See, easy as pie.

Now, stop talking about this and just do it already?



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