5 October 2007

Morning tea…

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Pencil on tea cup
Tracing the rim.

Tea staring back at me,
“What are you looking at?”

Tea knows all,
But says nothing.

Time for another sip.

3 October 2007

The life of a writer…

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Life, in pages,
Graphite on paper.


Pencil, moving swiftly across the page,
Line by line.
Life, moving swiftly across the lifetime,
Day by day.


One records the other.
The other influences the one.


The life, of a writer.

9 February 2006

The Windswept Hill

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Lone tree,
standing on your hill.
Your winter bare branches,
will be full again soon.

Windswept and barren,
arms of wood towards the sky.
You reach to the low light,
seeking the warmth you need.

I stand below you,
on this sloping rocky hill.
Taking in your beauty,
and reaping your ages of wisdom.

Your roots scar this ground,
stretching ever farther a field.
Marking your place in life,
and giving you life in this place.

The things you have known,
the things you have seen.
All are here, open to all,
if only they would stop to listen.

I heard your voice,
singing through the wind.
Calling to the earth,
come, listen and learn!

We are together now,
not as man and tree.
But as two seekers,
through the journey of life we share.

Different goals we have,
and differing paths we will take.
However, all will be the same,
when we meet at the end of our journey.

Not as wood and flesh,
but as two kindred spirits.
Both having taken what we’ve learned,
on to the next stage of our growth.

So, mighty tree, I salute you
as a fellow spirit here on earth.
I wish you all the best
on this windswept hill of our life.