12 March 2009

iTunes relaunches and won’t stay quit – RESOLVED! (G15 Keyboard, iTunes)

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Just a quick note here, hopefully it’ll make it into Google and help some folks.

Ever since I got my MacBook I had this weird issue where iTunes wouldn’t stay quit. I would shut it down normally, but it would just keep relaunching itself each time until I either force quit it, or shut it down via the Activity Monitor. Knowing this was a corruption of my music library waiting to happen, I wanted to find out a solution.

Many Google searches took me to two possible causes:

1. The SRS iWoW driver not quitting properly when iTunes was shut down and making it relaunch itself.

2. The dashboard widget causing issues w/iTunes and making it relaunch each time.

Neither one of these was my problem. I don’t use the dashboard, and don’t have SRS iWoW installed.

I finally determined the problem was being caused in my case by my Logitech G15 keyboard’s Media Manager. Once I disabled that in the Logitech control panel, no more problem.

Hope this helps you!