29 October 2006

Scary “Geek Halloween” Foxtrot

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Every Halloween the fantastic author of the Foxtrot comic strip, Bill Amend, creates a Geek Halloween episode, where Jason (whom I share a LOT in common with, thank GOD there were not computers of any use beyond our own house when I was 10 years old) has some costume that all geeks, myself included, will think funny. One year he was an iMac (or iFruit as they are called in the strip, Apple get over yourselves, it’s just a cartoon) and he was saying in a scary tone “I have no floppy drive, I have no floppy drive!”.

This year, it’s funny, and scary…it’s about electronic voting machines. Check it out. …(link).

From the mouths of babes…or in this case, 10 year olds.

(PS Please don’t sue me for posting the pic. I acknowledge your full rights to it and I don’t make a dime off this site, let alone off of your picture. Thank you.)

28 June 2006

Happy Birthday, Henry Tudor

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Today is King Henry VIII’s 515th birthday. If you ask me, he doesn’t look a day over 480. :)

I’ve always been somewhat of a fan of his, my wife thinks it is because I was him in a past life, I don’t really know why, just that he’s always interested me. I think that he is a “misunderstood” king, somewhat like Richard III, whom I also like and have a poster of here in the office.

When I read that today was ol’ Hal’s birthday (I would have been able to tell you if you asked me, but it was still early and I hadn’t realized that it was the 28th) I got to thinking that since I was such a fan, I should seek out the Henry VIII Society and join up. I’m already a member of the Richard III society (which you can find here) so it seemed like a natural move.

To my surprise, there wasn’t one. At least there wasn’t one that I could find at 5am this morning, which granted isn’t saying much, but nonetheless…

So this weekend I’m going to do some research and find one, and if there isn’t one, I’m going to start it. Because he deserves a society, IMHO. :)

2 April 2005

Happy Anniversary!

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Pam and I have been together 15 years as of today. Wow! That’s so cool! :)