9 February 2008

You have to love good writing…

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The quote of the night from MSNBC.

Obama’s winning margins ranged from substantial to crushing.


Yes, we can.

1 February 2008

This says it all…

30 April 2007

British History Timeline from the BBC

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This is very cool. It’s a slideable timeline with all of the major points in British history, from the Neolithic period to the present day. I am a HUGE British history fan (gee, I wonder why) and got a real kick out of this.

For instance, it was fascinating to see all of the things that happened in a single year, 1535, during the Tudor period. It made me stop and think what a news organization might have looked like at that time (other than in jail for outing the King’s misdeeds).

Cool stuff, definitely check it out.

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