25 September 2009

My version of Snow Leopard…

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Sure, Apple’s default Snow Leopard picture is cool, but I think this one is WAY cooler. It’s been the desktop picture on my Mac since I installed 10.6. Via Pixadus (which is a very cool picture site, BTW).

Snow Leopard

26 August 2009

Yes, it had to come to this: The LOLinator

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We all knew that some day LOL Cats would take over the internet, and it appears that their invasion is going as to plan.

I introduce to you, The LOL-inator. Just type in a URL and click Lolinate and you’re good to go.

Check out this site through their eyes.

20 August 2009

Why, yes. I would like to date your Avatar…

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A post for all of us WoW nerds out there from the awesome web series “The Guild“:

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