13 October 2009

Google Wave: First thoughts…

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I got my invite to Google Wave today and have been playing with it a bit. So far, I have to say, it’s cool. I don’t really know if it will “be the next email” or even the replacement for it, but I can see a use for it: the end of the endless thread of long emails.

In business, it’s pretty common for an email to get passed from person to person, add another person, put in some more information, pass it back to someone else, and repeat. This leads to a HUGE amount of information that you may or may not need to know, as you part of it may be at the beginning, or worse, tucked somewhere in the middle of the conversation. This is where Google Wave will excel.

The neat thing about the Wave is the ability to “step into” the conversation at any point and play it back. You can roll back the conversation to any point and see what happened, with who, and when.

So, overall, I think it’s going to be a good product. It’s still a little buggy (crashed a bit on me in Firefox, but not Chrome, go figure), but I’m sure they’re working on it en masse.

More to come.

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