13 January 2009

The DTV Switch

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So, maybe I’m just not getting this.

First of all, I think that anyone who is not aware of the upcoming DTV switch has far to great of an attention deficit disorder and probably should stop watching TV all together. They have been advertising this for months, MONTHS PEOPLE! Every single freekin’ day, every single freekin’ night. If TV is that important to you and you’ve not seen at least one of these commercials, seriously, learn to read.

Second, how is there not enough money for this? The government is printing billions of dollars to “bail out banks”, why not just fire off a few extra sheets for DTV boxes?

As a service to my country and my fellow citizens, I have solved this issue.

Turn off analog broadcasts for 24 hours and instead post a telephone number. People who call that number get a free box. See, easy as pie.

Now, stop talking about this and just do it already?



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