16 August 2008

How times change…

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When I first got into this “business” my friend and I were using a computer that his mom had brought home from work while she was on leave. It was a Compaq portable much like this one:


It had with it a 300 baud modem like the ones from War Games, much like this one:modem

It would take about an hour to download a 1 megabyte file with this contraption. We thought we were on the cutting edge of technology.

This evening, just for fun, I did a speed test on my internet connection. Details are below, but for those of you who are not tech geeks, I’ll translate. With that connection speed, I’m downloading at about 2.5 megabytes per minute. That’s a far cry from the “old” days of 1 megabyte per hour, and that’s really cool.

Can’t wait to see what I’m writing about in ten years, or where I’ll be writing it.

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  1. Daniel Hardy says:

    That is amazing! I wish they would hurry up and upgrade my neighborhoods network.

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