13 February 2008

I am such a geek…

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A friend today called me a geek. She meant it as a term of endearment, but it is the truth.

For instance, here’s a secret:

Every time I watch the trailer of the new Star Trek film, the one with the Enterprise under construction with audio clips of the 1960s Apollo Program, I tear up. Every time. (and I’ve watched it a lot)

I do this not so much because I love Star Trek, which I do (it inspired me to be an engineer), but rather because I dream of a world in the future, long after I’m gone, where our species can come together to create something of that magnitude. The word is passe now, but to create a Star Ship.

I’m sure that John Paul Jones would have felt the same way about seeing one of our aircraft carriers.

That is today’s thought for the day…

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