6 May 2007

Reason #1228 I Love Linux

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I’ve been in this business a LONG time.

My first modem was literally one of those jobs that you stuck the phone into. I think it was 300 baud and it hooked up to my Commodore 64.

I remember getting a nifty Hayes modem that plugged right into the wall and was a blistering 2400 baud. I believe that was hooked up to my first laptop, which was an XT, or an 8088 for you geeks out there, with 640k of memory, no hard drive, and a CGA LCD screen.

I remember when it took an hour to download a megabyte from my local BBS (ProStar Plus in Seattle).

Now, I can download a megabyte in less time than it takes to say a megabyte.


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