1 May 2007

Porn’s place in history

I was listening to an internet radio show last night with special guests Kevin and Alex from Diggnation, and one of the topics was whether or not internet porn had reached it’s…well, climax, for lack of a better term. Apparently sales numbers for net porn sites are dropping and profits are drying up faster than, well let’s try and keep it clean here, a spilled slushie on a Scottsdale street in June (not bad).

This topic is something I’ve discussed a lot with friends and I think, as usual, I’m seeing it from a different angle.

So, what is porn’s place on the internet, Jon?

Well to put it briefly (and no, there will be no respite from the puns here), porn made the internet.


End of statement.

Porn has been driving technology since the Egyptians first figured out how to put inked stick to papyrus. You can bet some of the first things printed on Gutenberg’s press were “illuminated manuscripts” of all kinds. You know that right after Alexander Bell hung up the phone with his assistant with the words “Mr. Watson, come here, I want you” he was calling right back to say the same thing to Mrs. Watson. And let’s not even get started on movies (where exactly do you think the idea of HD-DVD and BluRay came from?).

‘So what are you trying to say’, I hear you cry.

This: Sex drives technology. Always has, always will.

Does that mean that porn has met its match on the internet? Yes and no. Really, I think it’s just moved into new areas of it that are not readily apparent.

The internet is far more than web sites. Now you can get media of all kinds; via peer to peer (P2P) networks, Usenet (news groups) and a cornucopia of other ways including mobile phones (no Mom, you may not use my phone to call Grandma). These sites are not tracked on the latest Alexa rankings, so there’s no idea how much, material, is traded there. Plus, and I believe that Alex mentioned this too, what is considered a porn site has changed over time. It used to be it had to be a…(well I can’t think of a socially acceptable way to say this, but you know what I mean) * site in order to be considered porn. You sneak in under cover of darkness while your spouse was at the in-laws, paid with the credit card whose bill goes to the office, and dug in. Now, you can just cruise over to Facebook or Webshots and get tons of pics of nubile young women showing their wares at drunken college parties, for free.

My point is this: If the largest sites on the internet (MySpace, Facebook, etc.) are full of what can be considered porn to someone, can you really say that porn is in decline on the net?

IMHO, no.

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  1. DarkStar says:

    I completely agree. People will always be creatures of habit.

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