30 April 2007

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Here’s a thought for your day.

This is a picture of Saturn taken by the Cassini probe looking back towards Earth. The little dot lost within the rings that I’ve drawn an arrow pointing to is the Earth, our home.

You, and everyone you have ever known, or likely will know, is or was on that little white dot.

Every dictator who thought that they could rule the world and murdered countless millions over time, did so in order to control that little dot.

Nearly every drop of water, nearly every grain of sand, nearly every thing for that matter, that ever was, is and will be to the human race, is on that little dot.

In the time it takes you to read this, 243 people will be born and 104 will die on that little dot.

It makes me think how silly we all are as a race, bickering over imaginary lines and gooey sludge we use to power our little insulated boxes from point A to point B. Looking at this makes me realize all the more, just how “one” we really all are.

Cool, eh?

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