30 April 2007

Why are people so rude?

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Among the many things in life that I don’t understand (why people buy “Support Our Troops” decals for their cars that are made in China, how people who can drive cars can’t figure out how to put boxes in mail slots, and what the correlation is between yard sales and completely forgetting how to park an automobile on a public street, to name a few) is why people are so rude to service employees.

This morning I stopped off at the dry cleaners on my way to work. There was a long line, out the door in fact, and one very overworked looking girl behind the counter. Standing there I watched the transactions go one by one and was amazed how at best indifferent, and more than likely rude, nearly all the customers were to this poor girl.

Now let’s step back and have a look at this. These people are taking what is in effect, their dirty laundry, to a total stranger, who takes it from them with a smile and returns it to them sparkling clean. Now, if it were me, and in this case it was me, I would be thrilled that someone would be willing to do this for me, and would be kind to them for doing it (however, to be fair, I strive to be kind to everyone, so perhaps it doesn’t 100% count in my case).

However, these people were treating this poor girl like it was her fault that they had to wait in line at 7am on Monday morning to drop off their clothes, and treated her accordingly. One fellow walked away from her, turning his back in the process, while she was telling him to have a nice day. Amazing.

I find this really interesting about people. It seems that the more people don’t want to do a job themselves, the ruder they are to the person actually doing the work. Have you ever seen anyone chatting politely with the dry cleaner, or the maid at the hotel, or the gardener?

(Side note: you should, in the case of the maid and the gardener, they are usually facinating people who went through an awful lot just to be here).

Very odd.

It’s a shame how people insulate themselves from others, then complain that they feel lonely. Perhaps if they could step out of their self-induced “ivory towers” and actually talk to people, they wouldn’t feel so lonely.

Just my two cents.

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