3 April 2007

Personal pies

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life graphHere is an interesting concept. This guy has taken several of his life’s milestones and laid them out in pie chart form. From his total years on this pebble (or as I would say, in this life) to time with his father, time in his own country to his time smoking, it’s all laid out.

I think I’ll give this a shot. My first one is to the left here, my lifespan.

Current years lived: 37

Remaining years: 93

An interesting idea, and really puts the whole thing into perspective. How long, or how little have you been doing something? It’s easy to get mired down into the day to day of life and not take the long view. Perhaps this will be a good tool for all of us to take a step back and look at the whole picutre.

I’ll be doing more of my own life’s moments and posting them here.

via Flip Flop Flyin’

P.S. Per a question from my buddy Daniel about my math on the post above…yes, I do plan to live to be 131. :)

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