5 March 2007

The mysterious life of cables

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This evening I was re-arranging my desk, moving the monitors around, and found the cables hopelessly tangled.

Now, I know that I have a lot of cables, as I have a lot of things connected to my computer. At last count, which is now, I have at one time or another the following things connected:

2 monitors
1 MIDI controller
1 USB mouse
1 Keyboard
1 iPod
1 Blackberry
1 Palm Pilot (which I use to read eBooks on)
1 external hard drive
1 TV card, which consists of a cable connection and two audio cables
1 connection to my TV

And that is just one of the three computers down there. So, needless to say, that makes a lot of cables.

Now I’m not saying that I’m really good about cable hygiene or anything, but I really do try not to mix them up too terribly when moving one from one point to another. So, my question is…how do the manage to get so tangled?

As I was moving the stuff on the desk around I decided to switch keyboards (going back to the analog one with the Russian alphabet on it as opposed to my previous wireless one which kept crapping out on me) and found the cables down there so tangled together I could have used them to rappel off of a cliff if need be.

Now how does this happen? I guarantee that I didn’t mess them up that bad while installing my stuff, placing them as carefully as possible, but when I go to get something out of there they are tied together like they were put there by a bunch of Sherpas.

They must have a great time boogie-ing down there while I’m sleeping, that’s all I’m saying. :)

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