8 December 2007

Today’s thought for the day

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In every revolution, there is one person with a vision.

2 December 2007

Poor Usability Design

I have a BlackBerry, as most of you know. Over the years, as their technology has advanced, I have become more and more dependent on them. Now, I’m to the point where I can do virtually anything on my BlackBerry that I can on my desktop machine at home, including write this.

I have the ability to send and receive instant messages via all the major networks with this device, including MSN. I don’t use that muah, being a Linux guy, but have a few friends on it so I load it up.

Today as I was looking at it I realized something odd. When I’m signed on, it shows a single “people icon” and when I’m signed out, it shows two. Now, wouldn’t it make sense to have it the other way?

Someone ought to be taken to task for that, I think. :)

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4 November 2007

My new pledge…

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I pledge allegiance
To the Constitution
of The United States of America
And to the Republic
Which it created
One Nation
With liberty and justice for all.

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