20 October 2006

New job

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Well, now that I’ve been there a few weeks I can announce my new job.

I left my former position at Prudential (those of you who know me know how wonderfully happy I was there) and have taken a position at GoDaddy.com as their Advanced Hosting Technical Writer. I’ll be writing help systems, user guides and other assorted pieces having to do with their Advanced Hosting products (by the way…The views expressed in this Blog are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of GoDaddy Software, Inc.).

So far, it is a great gig. It is so super to be back in the “tech” game again (at Pru I was mostly doing internal proprietary stuff), I hadn’t realized how much I’d missed it. I worked for a dot com back in the mid-90’s and as a tech columnist for many years as well, this is giving me just the same amount of “geek rush”. Getting paid to play with Linux all day, now that’s cool.

More to report later.

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