15 August 2006

Paying it forward/What do you do with your change?

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I dislike coins. Well, more accurately, I don’t like them in my pockets. I don’t mind them in jars, or in other places, in fact I somewhat enjoy looking at foreign coins. However, in my pockets for some reason, I can’t stand them.

So I drop them in parking lots.

What?! I hear you cry. You throw away money?!

No, I pay it forward. Here is my thinking.

As I’ve said numerous times before, and will numerous times hence, everyone deserves to be happy. I have a very limited ability to foster happiness beyond the borders of my own self, but I try to do it at every opportunity I have. I go out of my way to smile at service people. I hold doors for strangers. I let people in while in traffic. And, I leave change, and sometimes small bills in parking lots.

Think back over your life about the best things you can remember happening to you that didn’t involve major life milestones (birthdays, births of children/pets, graduations, etc.) and I would be willing to bet (if I were a gambling man, which I am not) that some of you would put finding money in a parking lot or some other public place on that list. Am I right?

It doesn’t really matter what the denomination is, more so that it brightened your day, be it (and I am going to have to be American-centric here as that is where I live, sorry to my international readers, but you get the idea) a dime, a quarter or a dollar bill. It makes you smile and brightens your day.

So think about being able to provide that little slice of happiness to a total stranger who may need it more than you need that quarter. Chances are pretty good, since you are educated enough to be reading this and wealthy enough on the grand scale to have access to a computer to do so, that you don’t really need that quarter. You’re not going to starve without it, nor is its absence from your life going to cause you any hardship.

So, the next time you’re walking down the street after a purchase, drop the coins from your change as you walk one by one, and smile to yourself knowing that you’re going to make someone happy that day.

Because, everyone deserves to be happy.

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