17 July 2006

Thoughts about time

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I remember, barely, when I was in high school. Those four years were literally a lifetime to me, punctuated into seasons of winter, spring, summer and autumn.

Time seemed to stretch forever in those days. Reading my journals from that period I am amazed not only about how naive I was, but how things seemed so compressed into such a short period of time. Girlfriends, while few and far between, seemed weathered after just weeks, or in one or two cases months. Now, I’ve been meaning to fix the gutters for longer than that and think, ‘it hasn’t been that long’.

I see this in my father as well. Approaching 82 he is not as quick as he once was, his once razor sharp mind now misnaming my wife’s mother. His view of time is the exact opposite. Things that happened years ago seem fresh, things that happened weeks ago seem current and something that happened last week is so recent he tells me about it twice.

It’s an interesting comment to the passage of time as one grows older, and begs asking what will happen if we as a race to manage to stretch our lifespan out beyond 200 years as has been predicted. How quickly the years between 150 and 200 will appear to pass.

So enjoy this moment, this very one, and the next, because they are fleeting and shall never return. Go, get out, stop reading this, and enjoy your life.

Here, take my keys…

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