10 April 2006

Oprah sucks

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“Oprah Winfrey on how being wealthy is nothing to be ashamed about: ‘I have lots of things, like all these Manolo Blahniks. I have all that and I think it’s great. I’m not one of those people like, ‘Well, we must renounce ourselves.’ No, I have a closet full of shoes and it’s a good thing.'” – People Magazine

Now, is it just me, or does this not sit well with you? I mean, this is a person who is constantly pontificating how she’s looking out for the “little” guy and then she says something like this to the same magazine that all those “little” people read each week to escape their day to day wage jobs. That’s just wrong. Maybe she should take some of that cash she’s spending on Manolo Blahniks (which I had to Google to find out what they were, what does that say about me in her world, I wonder) and feed a family for a month.

Oprah sucks.

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