15 April 2006

My room

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People frequently ask me, I know not why, what “my” room looks like. I take this, whether or not it is so I don’t know, to mean that they are asking what my space, a place that is me, looks like.

So, as I sit here on a Saturday morning, not knowing what to write about, but knowing that I must write, I believe that I will describe my study, sanctuary, home and office.

It is a small room, perhaps 12×12 feet, one of the smaller rooms in my home. The walls are a shade of pink that were here when we came here, and I grew to like enough not to change. There are two large bookcases on the west side that contain large amounts of English medieval history, various books about science and other history, as well as a smattering of fiction and a television set with a Tivo and a DVD player. The north side of the room largely consists of a window, my desk where from I write to you now (which itself is a 19th century trestle desk and contains a computer <duh> and a spattering of books that I am reading at any one time, currently “A Moveable Feast” by Ernest Hemingway, “Neither Here Nor There” by Bill Bryson and “Warwick the Kingmaker” by Paul Murray Kendall). To the east is a credenza which holds two lamps, several leather bound first edition books which I like to display (including, but not limited to, Gone With the Wind, The Old Man and the Sea, The Good Earth and Andersonville). There is also my “reading chair” there as well. Finally, to the south, is a closet where I store my large, and seemingly growing larger weekly, collection of crap, and my altar, which in itself is a large bookcase consisting of Buddhist materials and books.

On the walls there is a portrait of my parents taken circa 1971, several framed pictures I’ve taken in my lifetime, a portrait of King Richard III of England, a Futurama poster, two maps of Britain and Scotland from the 18th Century and a map of the world.

So, that about covers it. That’s, my home. :)

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