25 March 2006

Happiness for all at yellow lights

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I try to infuse my thoughts for happiness for others into my daily life, as I’m sure many of you do. However, sometimes it’s a little too easy to get lost in the day to day of life to remember to do so.

We all get mired down in our own existences, myself included, and before you know it you find yourself laying in bed at night before going to sleep and thinking “I didn’t do much for the global happiness today.”

I know this happens to me frequently.

So, what I have done is try to set reminders in my daily life to wish others well. Normal events that if I’m awake and paying attention (more on that later) I should see and can use them to remind me to put a little good out there.

I use yellow traffic lights.

While I’m driving or riding in a car every time I see a yellow traffic light I say “may all sentient beings be happy, free of suffering and free of the causes of suffering.”

I don’t see a lot of yellow lights in my day to day, but I figure every little but helps. However, just think what kind of result we could get if just 10% of you who read this today were to institute a similar program in your lives. How much happier would the world be?

Let’s find out! :)

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