15 December 2005

On arising early

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Most of my life I have been, well let’s say NOT a morning person. In my younger years (I am edging closer to 40 than 30 now) I would sleep until lunch, if not later. When forced into a “morning oriented” schedule, i.e. having to go to a normal job every day, I would moan and complain and be miserable.

However I find that as I age, I seem to like rising early more. Perhaps I am becoming one of those “old people” that I used to make fun of, who get up at 5am, except now I’m up even earlier than that.

Once I had a job, an awful job but that’s a story for another day, where I had to be at work at 7am. Now that in itself wasn’t too bad, the problem was that at the time I lived about 70 miles away from said job (it was a bad time and that was the best I could do). I had to leave the house at about 5:15 to ensure that I would be there at 7, which meant that I was having to get up at 4:30, ideally, or 4:50, in practice. I was miserable. By the time I got home at 5 or so I felt as if I only had a few hours of “me” time (which back then consisted of watching television) before having to go to bed and do it all over again. Then, when the weekend came, I would revert to my “non-morning” schedule and be miserable come Monday.

Those days are long gone now (thank goodness) and my job is just five minutes away from the house now. I have to be there at 8, which following my previously mentioned habits would have me getting up at about 7:30. But now, for some reason, I seem to really enjoy the mornings. I don’t know if it is the solitude and quiet (certainly possible, as those are two of my favorite things) or the morning television show, but I love the early mornings.

Now my schedule looks like this, the me of my youth 10 or so years ago would be shocked at this, I’m sure:

I rise between 4:00 and 4:15. I have a pot of tea and read the news. Afterwards I have breakfast, usually around 4:45 and then read or write for 30 or 40 minutes. Then I meditate for about an hour. Afterwards I shower and get dressed and then read until I leave for work at about 7:50. When I return home at 5pm I watch a little television then discipline myself and turn it off and then read for the rest of the evening. By 8:00 or 8:30 I’m beat and go to bed. Then I do it all over again.

While my younger self would be aghast at this, I actually have far more free time than I would if I spent it “sleeping in”. I have nearly four hours to myself in the mornings and then nearly 4 hours again in the evening.

I also find myself much sharper during the day. Perhaps it’s because by the time I get to work I’ve already been up for four hours. You never see me dragging into the office, like so many of my co-workers.

So, all in all, I’d say rising early works very well for me. :)

13 December 2005

We call ourselves civilized

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…but we still murder people in the name of the State. We don’t practice “an eye for an eye” anywhere else, why there? I don’t condone what Tookie did (or Bundy, or anyone else) but the death penalty is just wrong. Someday, through the clear lens of looking back at the past I hope we, or our descendants, will see that.

11 December 2005

Welcome back

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My, it has been a long time since I’ve posted anything here. It was a combination of factors; loss of interest, feeling like no one ever read it, sloth, depression. It was a healthy mix actually, but now that’s all over and I’m back.

However, this is going to be a little different of a format here. For starters, I’m going to ditch the cutesy use of only lower case letters. Now that I’m writing for a living, such as it is, I don’t want to mix my styles too much to the point where I start omitting capital letters in my work materials, which would not go over very well at all. I’m willing to bet that e.e. cummings was not a technical writer for instance.

Also, I’m going to use this as more of a sounding board for things, rather than the “I’m thinking this about this”, etc. There still will be a fair amount of that, I’m sure, but there’s going to be some other things here too I’ve decided. What, right now, I can’t really say, just that there will be more things here than just “I hate hearing that Motley Crue is classic rock, etc.

Most of all this will be my venue to write, hopefully, and my goal is, every day. I’ve been bursting lately wanting to get things out, but have had issues getting them out, don’t ask me why, as I don’t know, and probably wouldn’t tell you even if I did. However, the end result will be here.

So, we’re here, together (whom that is, I know not, could be me and some lone reader who has nothing else to do on a Sunday morning but read the rantings of a total stranger, or maybe it’s just me, myself and I).

Regardless of who the audience is though, the journey, as it were, starts today.

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