25 May 2004

Y’all can be singular?

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Greetings from Austin, Texas.

Made the flight down from Dallas today, after a few hours at the office in strategy meetings (not as boring as it sounds).

Man, was the flight from Houston to Austin crowded! That run always seems to be busy (but the Austin to Houston run doesn’t seem to be as full for some reason, guess that’s why Austin is growing). There was one entire row that was double booked, e.g. 12 people for six seats. Don’t see that very often in this post 9/11 world. In fact I read today that higher gas prices might end the lives of a few more airlines. Wow.

So, after getting here, checking into the hotel (which didn’t have high speed access in spite of the website saying they did so this blog entry is costing 10 cents a minute, I hope you appreciate it) and unpacking I went over to the “restaurant where everything is Texas sized” across the street. It wasn’t really called that, but it may have well been. The “half order” of onion strings that I had as an appetizer was served on a full size dinner plate and was at least six inches tall.

So, while I was sitting there looking at the menu the waitress came up and said “Hi! How y’all doing?” Keep in mind I was alone. I made a point to look around the table and reply “We’re fine”, but it didn’t even phase her. Food was okay, nothing to write home about, or even here, but served the purpose.

I was just reading this over and had another comment on the hotel telephone charges.

I stay in a lot of hotels, usually more than 10 nights a month. In my travels I’ve noticed that the more expensive the hotel, the more likely they are to charge you for telephone calls. For instance, the Fairfield inn I stayed in last night in Dallas at $68 a night had free local calls. On the other hand this Embassy Suites at $139 a night charges $1 a call and 10 cents a minute after the first 60 minutes (how convenient they don’t have high speed access, eh?)

So when I got back from “steaks the size of a hubcap” I went to the front desk and asked the clerk if the 10 cents per minute after 60 minutes was per call or cumulative. He tilted his head to the side in the universal “I don’t understand” gesture, as if sloshing his brain to the other side of his head would help to process the information faster, and finally gave up and said “excuse me?”

I said “if I make two one hour calls will it be $2 or $7? He didn’t have the answer to this but after some discussion with the manager the general consensus was that it would be $2 and not $7. I’ll let you know what happens.

As I was walking away the manager called out to me “Y’all have a good night!”.


I think I need a hot shower, it’s been a long day.


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