23 May 2004

Thoughts on Amercians

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Americans are funny in social situations sometimes. Today I was at the bagel shop getting my weekly treat of a smoked salmon sandwich. While I was waiting for my order I sat down at one of the tables in the shop which was large, it probably could have held ten people, where a woman was sitting by herself also waiting for her order. She was eastern European, Russian I believe, and we chatted about the weather and little chit chat like that. When her order came up she said goodbye and left.

While I continued to sit there a woman and her two children came by. One of her children started to sit at the other end of the table I was sitting at and her mother took him by the arm and said “no, someone is sitting there, let’s find an empty one.”

Americans have such an odd sense of their “space” they want to have a place to themselves no matter what the situation, whether it be a 1/3 acre piece of property, a huge SUV or in this case a table in a cafe.

It’s kind of sad really, because it really divides us. It’s hard to know your neighbor if you have a 8 foot fence between you or you won’t sit at a table with a stranger.

You know?

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