24 May 2004

Life Behind the Mini-Mart, explained…

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So a few of you (most likely the only few of you that are reading this) have asked about the title “Life Behind the Mini-Mart.”

That is a long standing title of mine which I have tried to find a place to use for a very long time. It comes from when I first moved to Ellensburg, Washington back in 1990. Ellensburg was at that time (and still is come to think of it), the smallest place that I had ever lived in with a population of about 12,000. I had been through there before moving there (why I moved there will be a subject for another entry at another time) but like most interstate towns I just presumed it consisted of just the Dennys and Chevron station visible from the freeway and a few houses behind where the people who worked in them lived (I should probably mention at this point I was only 19 at the time and not to worldly). However, when I actually got there I found the quintessential small American town (this was well before Wal-Mart had spewn its seed all over the nation). it was a delightful little place.

So, ever since then I’ve been sort of drawn to small towns, or to explore “Life Behind the Mini-Mart.”

Hence the title…

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