28 December 2004

How did I live without a TiVO?

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How did I live without a Tivo? (that is a rhetorical question)

I can’t think of an appliance that I’ve gotten more out of, well at least one that came into existence while I was an adult that is. I suppose if someone invented the refrigerator or the oven in my lifetime I would say a similar thing about it, but I have to say that the Tivo is the, excuse the expression, the cat’s meow.

I don’t watch a lot of TV. Now I know that those of you who have been to my house might say “Dude, what the F are you talking about? Every time I come to your house the TV is blaring” but I have to say that I’m not watching the TV, I’m looking for something to watch.

It seems that all you do is look for something to watch on the F-ing thing and never get to watch anything interesting or that even remotely interests you (don’t get me wrong, I love Seinfeld, but after you’ve seen every episode 30 times the interest tends to pale). It’s only recently that I’ve come to understand why it is called the idiot box, and that is because you have to be an idiot to find 97% of the crap on there interesting.

However, the Tivo let’s you filter through the crap. It’s like giant crap sieve. It filters out all the OC and reality shows and leaves you with the creme brulee of Futurama and Family Guy (the fact that I like animated shows rather than live people I’m sure is a subject for another post that will come at another time).

How did I live without it? Now I’ve known lots of people who have had them, and I can’t understand why they didn’t tell me when they heard that I didn’t have one “What? You don’t have a Tivo? Here’s 100 dollars and my car keys, go now son, GO NOW!”

A truly great thing! :)

14 November 2004

Quote of the day

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“The best index to a person’s character is
(a) how he treats people who can’t do him any good, and
(b) how he treats people who can’t fight back.”
– Abigail van Buren (1918 – )

22 October 2004

Quote of the day

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“I get a lot of cracks about my hair, mostly from men who don’t have any.”
– Ann Richards

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